Wednesday, March 18, 2020

State of the Website

Hello readers!

This is William Lowery.  In case you haven't been keeping up with news, there's a virus on the loose, causing all sorts of problems around the world and at home.  For three years, I have attended the University of Southern Mississippi, and although I will be graduating in May, the current state of affairs is a bit uncertain.

Spring break was extended to two weeks, and even when students get back, most of the campus will be closed, and we'll be taking our classes online.  It's a strange time, for sure.  Ironically, it was around this time last year that I faced some personal issues, ones which made the future seem uncertain.  I don't know what will happen in the forthcoming weeks or months, but rest assured, I won't be going anywhere.

Next month marks the five-year anniversary of GamerGuy's Reviews, and what a ride it's been.  It's crazy to think I've been running this site for five years, and though there have been highs and lows, the important thing is I've kept at it.  It's not easy trying to put out content on a regular basis, but if you take the time to commit and hone your craft, it will pay off in the long run.  As of this writing, the site has over 8,700 views, and though it seems small to some, I'm proud because it makes me happy knowing people are checking out what it is that I do.

It's been more like six years as a writer, but you get the point.

I know this year has been a bit spotty regarding output, but much of it is because of commitments I have to school and work.  Not to mention, there's also the podcast.  This month marks the one-year anniversary of the podcast, which currently has 47 subscribers.  Again, small beans compared to what other channels have, but like I said, it takes time and commitment, don't expect to become an overnight sensation, unless you do something outrageous to attract views and whatnot to your channel.

The bigger question is this: where do I go from here?  Eventually, I do want to start a website that will act as hub for everything I do.  If I want this to become a full-time gig, I need to put in the effort.  Over time, I will inform readers of when I have started work on building a website, and then comes the "fun" process of bringing all the content I've done, regardless of it's written or recorded, onto the site.

If you want to stay informed on when the next reviews are, there are two ways to do so.  You can either follow me on Twitter or follow the GamerGuy's Reviews Facebook page.  There is a Facebook page for the podcast, but it will be updated to be a universal page for both the website and the podcast channel in the forthcoming weeks.

When I wrote my year-in-review retrospective, I mentioned you could expect some collaborations this year.  Don't worry, they're still happening, they're just in the planning stages, and I will keep y'all updated on when the videos are out for y'all to see.  This is the first time I've dabbled in video production, so I'm excited, but also a bit nervous.  Fortunately, my writing and editing expertise won't make it too much of a challenge.

That wraps up the current state of affairs.  Reviews are on the way, and I am reviewing Doom Eternal for the college newspaper, and I'll post a link to it once the article is up.  I know the future seems uncertain for a lot of people right now, but I am remaining optimistic and know things will turn out fine in the end.

I don't want to spend the rest of my adulthood working in an office cubicle.  I want what it is I currently do to become the thing which pays the bills.  It's possible, but it takes effort, commitment, and even a little humility to pull it off.  If you're wanting to start your own blog, YouTube channel, podcasting channel, go for it, just know that it takes effort from yourself to get it done.

Stay tuned.

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