Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Exclusive Review PSA: Terminator Resistance Review is Available to Read on the Student Printz Website!

Keeping to a promise I made in my year-in-review editorial, I recently wrote a review for "Terminator Resistance" for the college newspaper, "The Student Printz," which you can view on their website.  This game was pleasantly surprising.  9 times out of 10, licensed video games tend to not be good, and considering the game was developed by the folks behind "Rambo: The Video Game," I was less than excited for this video game, but that changed once early reviews came in.

It took a while, but the game is now out on consoles in the States.  "Terminator" games are hit and miss, but "Resistance" is luckily a hit.  It takes cues from "Fallout" and "Far Cry," but when put into the context of "Terminator," it works well.  As a member of the Resistance, your goal is to find John Connor and bring the Resistance together to launch an all-out attack on Skynet.  "Terminator Resistance" pays a lot of respect to its source material, and is worth checking out.

Read the review to find out more: http://www.studentprintz.com/terminator-resistance-delivers-surprisingly-fun-experience/

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