Thursday, May 10, 2018

Summer Time, Fun Time: A GamerGuy's Reviews Update

Hello, people of the internet, it is yours truly, William Lowery, a.k.a. GamerGuy, here with the annual update.  Ever since I got back into the swing of writing and publishing reviews at the beginning of this year, I've been very pleased with the content I've been putting out, and though the articles haven't been as numerous, they are at least well-written; in other words, quality over quantity. 

Truth be told, the spring semester of my junior year of college was quite busy since I was constantly inundated with paper, projects, and other assignments.  Fortunately, whenever I had the chance to write I took it, rather than waste it on something else.  With that said, I'm out of school and summer is upon us, so what's in store?  Will too much work keep me from writing anything and result in a severe case of writer's block?  Pardon my French here, but HELL NO!

There's a lot to look forward to this summer.  In keeping with the tradition, I'll be taking a break from game reviews so I can focus on playing any and all titles being covered in August, September, October, and so forth.  Yet, there will be a plethora of movie and anime reviews to tide things over.  Having taken another look at the schedule I set up, I made a few modifications; that is, swapping some films out in favor of others, and the results are pretty satisfying.

Expect reviews covering films such as the Robocop trilogy, Highlander, Repo Man, and Stephen King's magnum opus, Maximum Overdrive.  As for anime, I'll be jumping back into the Burn-Up franchise by covering the original Burn-Up and its pseudo-sequel, Burn-Up W.  Will they be as trauma-inducing as Burn Up Scramble?  You'll have to wait till June to find out.  Things will return back to normal in August, with a pair of reviews focusing on the first two Borderlands games, plus their respective DLCs, as well as two reviews covering Escape from New York and They Live.

So, what about my freelance writing for Cubed3 and VHS Revival, what's in store?  This weekend, I'll write up and submit my review in for Xenon Valkyrie+ to Cubed3.  Later this month, you can also expect a review on VHS Revival covering the 1980's classic Fast Times at Ridgemont High.  There will be additional contributions to Cubed3 and VHS Revival peppered throughout the summer, so stay tuned for those.

Lastly, what about this year's Drive-In of Terror?  After two years of misfires with the previous attempts, do I plan to carry on through with the mini-marathon, or has it been abandoned?  No, it has not been scrapped.  In fact, I have come up with an easy solution to avoid any scheduling issues: write the reviews before October, then I can just post them up here with ease.  That's the plan for this year, but as for what will be covered, the only thing I can say is that movie-wise, the theme for this year is that all films were made by legendary director John Carpenter, so I'll let your mind do the rest of the thinking.  As it gets closer to October, more details will be revealed.

One other thing I want to address is the matter of interviews.  This is something I promised would become commonplace starting in 2016, but I have failed to live up to that promise.  Fortunately, after some thinking, I do plan on to carry with conducting interviews with various Youtube personalities and the like.  I can't say yet who I plan on talking with, but you can expect said interviews to go up during the fall and winter.

After the calamity that was 2017, I'm glad to be back on track; although the publishing of reviews has been sporadic, the overall quality is better than before, and I think what I have planned for this summer will let me be able to go wild and have some fun.  I'm thankful for the support and for those that read my work.  I strongly encourage you follow me on Twitter @gamerguyrules20.  It's the best way to meet me and share my work with others.

Oh, and before I close this update.  For those that live in Mississippi, I plan on going to the Mississippi Comic Con this year, and unlike last time, it will be for both days.  I'm very excited for this year's event, especially since Michael Biehn, star of Aliens, The Terminator, and his cinematic apex, The Lords of Discipline, will be a guest there, so I'm looking forward to that.  If you happen to be at the convention and run into me, feel free to say hi.

That about wraps things up.  Till then, I'm William Lowery, and more importantly....


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