Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Coming Soon to a Screen Near You

In just a few days, October will be upon us, and with it, comes horror.  Last year, I reviewed the first two Alien films, as well as a few games related to the series; with the Alien reviews, I was testing the waters for a potential horror-related marathon, not just pertaining to a single franchise.  Now, I'm blowing the doors off, because this year marks the beginning of William Lowery's Drive-In of Terror!

Starting this Saturday and every Wednesday following, with the last review to be published on Halloween, I'll be alternating between scary games and scary movies.  Film-wise, the subject shall be a little known film series called Evil Dead, with three reviews dedicated to the original trilogy.  As for video games, the subjects, with the exception of one, aren't necessarily pure horror, but nevertheless feature elements of the genre.

Doing this marathon is an interesting task as the horror genre isn't necessarily one of my personal favorites when it comes to film or video games, but sometimes, you have to get out of your comfort zone, and such is the case with Drive-In of Terror.  So pull-up, kick back, and grab some popcorn, be warned, though, some works contain content not intended for the easily squeamish.

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