Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Return of Destroy All Humans?

It's not common for me to write a post regarding news of any sort, but while looking through the latest articles published on Game Informer's website, I came across one that piqued my interest, one regarding a franchise known as Destroy All Humans.

The article explains that on Nordic Games' official Twitter, who is the company currently holding the rights to the series after acquiring the property from THQ, a person asked when another game in the series could be expected, to which Reinhard Pollice of Nordic explained, "There are a few options we are evaluating now.  Hope to get started on one of these soon."  After reading the article, I started to get excited, after all, the series was one of my favorites growing up and even though I moved on from the games to other titles, I still occasionally play them from time to time.

This is good because Nordic has the chance to revive a series that still has plenty of potential, but what they are going to do with the series is still not official, since they are, as mentioned prior, looking at different options.  The strongest possibility is that they could either do a remaster of the first one or all of the games in the series, release a new title, or just not do anything with the franchise, which could also happen.  Hopefully, more information will be provided at a later date, who knows, maybe they could announce something at E3.

Link to article: http://www.gameinformer.com/b/news/archive/2016/06/05/nordic-games-considering-options-for-reviving-destroy-all-humans-franchise.aspx

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