Friday, May 13, 2016

The "School's Out" Update

Cue the Alice Cooper, because my first year of college is finished with and summer break has started.

Greetings, as of May 13, 2016; things are going strong for the blog, all of my scheduled reviews are getting released on time and the Cubed3 partnership is going well also.  As the title implies, I am out of school, or junior college, for summer break, so I'm going to be doing a couple of things different.

To begin with, instead of the usual three game reviews a month, the number is being lowered to two for June and July; don't worry, though, because during those two months there will be one movie review and one anime review, in addition to the Cubed3 review links.  I can't say what the titles are, but the movie being reviewed in June is a recent science fiction movie while the anime is also a science fiction title, but from the mid to late 90's.  As for July, the subject of the film review will involve a giant monster movie, and the anime is a mixture of science fiction and western elements, and is from the mid-2000's.

The reason for this change-up is to provide variety and to increase my experience with reviewing other things besides games.  Additionally, during the month of July, readers can also expect to see an interview, if everything works out with the person, who runs a Youtube channel dedicated to producing short films, film reviews, and other videos.

That's all for this update, I thank those who read my work and I encourage readers to help spread the word regarding my blog by sharing the posts with others.  Till then, vista la hasta.

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