Sunday, January 31, 2016

Special Announcement

A couple of days ago I logged onto my Gamefaqs account, which I hadn't been on in a couple of months, and discovered I had an email.  At first, I assumed it was from Gamefaqs, but as it turned out, it was actually an e-mail from an associate editor at Cubed3, a site that focuses on gaming and the like.  Anyhow, in the e-mail the editor had asked me if I was interested in writing for their site; it would be freelance but nevertheless it was an opportunity I had hoped was still possible, which it was.

After receiving another e-mail containing more information regarding how things would happen as well as documents that explained their review etiquette, I told my father about this and after some discussion he decided that it was okay for me to take this opportunity.

People, this is an exciting event, it really is, in a way, this will act as practice, experience, a taste of what I can expect in my future career as a gaming journalist; although there are some things I need to mention.  For starters, the reviews that I write for their site CANNOT be used on the blog or on Gamefaqs, I can post a link to the reviews that I write for them, but that's the extent they allow.  Secondly, they're based in the UK, meaning I have to use the British variations of words us Americans use (i.e. color [U.S.]- colour [U.K.]).

Like I said before, this is an exciting opportunity and I thank the Lord that he allowed me this once in a lifetime chance.  Again, it's freelance, nothing permeanent, meaning you'll still see the regular reviews that I publish on this blog, in addition to the links for the Cubed3 exclusive reviews.

2016, this is going to be a great year.

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