Friday, August 7, 2015

Ghostbusters: The Video Game Review (Nintendo Wii) Part 2

Besides owning the Xbox 360 version of this game, I also own the Wii version, which was developed by Red Fly Studio.  While the Xbox 360 and Wii versions are essentially the same game, with the same story, dialogue, and levels, the two versions differ from each other in the controls, gameplay, and visuals.
Simply put, the controls in the Wii version are fantastic, using the Wii Remote to blast and capture ghosts works great, mostly.  Whenever you weaken a ghost and wrangle it you have to follow arrow prompts that tell you which direction you need to slam the ghost; sometimes, though, the game won't read the direction you flick the remote, even when it's in the right direction.  This issue wasn't prevalent throughout the game, but when it did happen, it frustrated me.
The gameplay itself is largely unchanged from the Xbox 360 version, but there are some minor differences.  You still acquire most of the new beams that are in the other version, with the only exception being the meson collider, but you don't earn money to upgrade your weapons.  Instead, money is used to tally up how much property damage you cause in a level, and the end of the level it's all tallied up and you're given a ranking based on the final total.
While the AI for your fellow Ghostbusters is fairly competent in the Xbox 360 version, your partners in the Wii version are mostly incompetent.  Most of the time, they'll just stand around and barely do anything to help you when fighting ghosts.  This can be especially frustrating during boss fights.  In one boss fight, I lost all of my health and needed to be revived, but when my partner came over to help me, he got stuck on something and started to run in place, allowing himself to get hit enough times by the boss and go down, which resulted in the boss fight starting over.
The visuals in this game have also undergone a change in the art style, and now the game has a cartoonish look reminiscent of The Real Ghostbusters cartoon.  I like it and it gives the game a unique look and feel, though I did encounter a couple of graphical bugs.  One time during a cutscene I noticed that the lip-synching did not match up with what a character was saying.  Another strange occurrence happened when I walked through a portal that sent me to a different room, only to briefly see the New York skyline before the room suddenly popped into existence.
In conclusion, regardless of whether you play the Xbox 360 version or the Wii version of this game, Ghostbusters: The Video Game is still a very good game and one of the best licensed games ever created.  It's an experience that can by enjoyed by fans of the movies and people looking for a fun game.
Final Score: 8.5/10 (Both versions)

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