Monday, April 6, 2015

A Restart and An Explanation

Hello there, if you have found this blog, then you have found GamerGuy's Reviews!  I originally went under the alias GameMaster, however, the blog that I originally had has been closed.  Why? Let me explain.

Last year, in 2014, I officially started writing reviews, things were looking good, the problem, I wasn't following my schedule I had set up.  Various reviews I had planned for certain months ended up getting scrapped or delayed into some other months.  As such, the blog for which I had started, had a very rough time, and ultimately, in November, I stopped checking it.  I realized, in that time, that if I wanted fully pull off my plans for keeping an active reviewing schedule, in addition to an active blog, I needed to keep a promise that I would publish my reviews on the months for which they were to be published, and to prevent any more scrapping/delaying of reviews.  Keep in mind, if you start something, you should always carry on through with your plans, never hesitate or restart something, unless the situation turns dire, which was the case for me.

However, I can 100% promise readers that this blog will reflect my intentions for what I want to do with this blog, and I have a lot of things planned.  For starters, the reviews I have written so far this year, are available for viewing at Gamefaqs, so when I do publish a review to the blog, I'll also provide a link to the one on Gamefaqs as well.  The primary focus of this blog is primarily game reviews, but I want to do other things besides that, to keep things interesting.  Other types of posts I have plan to do on this blog include movie reviews, expanded discussions regarding my thoughts on certain games that I review, and more which you will see this year and later on down the line.

With that said, welcome to the restart and resurgence of GameMaster Reviews, now called GamerGuy Reviews.  Expect reviews which reflect my honest opinion on games from the current and past generations of consoles, plus special "theme" months in which I review games from certain franchises or reflect a certain time of the year.  In addition to many other things, so sit back, and enjoy the show!

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